Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mix It Up-Date

I apologize for not posting a recipe today, but we've been mixing something else up around here lately- our DNA. The next little taste tester is due to join the family next June.

In the meantime I have been suffering through the most horrendous morning noon and night sickness, just like I had with my daughter. Knowing this was likely, I created and photographed a bunch of recipes before it kicked in so I could post them in the blog when I wasn't able to cook. This worked just great- until I ran out.

I normally love food. I spend so much of my life dreaming of food and talking of food, reading cookbooks and shopping and cooking and creating. But these past few weeks I can't even THINK about food without feeling incredibly ill. Even posting some of my pre-made recipes was hard on me, the pictures were making me woozy.

I'm in the worst of it now, where even getting out of bed is a struggle, but if this is anything like last time I'll soon be in the 'in love with starch' phase of things. I have some plans in the works already for when I'm feeling up to it- bread dipping oil mixes, baking mixes, instant potato mixes, oatmeal mixes. There won't be any meat for some time, but it's fall, with winter quick on its heels. It's time to get your carb on.

Be patient with me for now, great things are coming soon...

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