Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gift Idea: Movie Night Kit

A lot of times you might want to give a mix for a gift, but figure it's not enough. This is especially true for gift exchanges where there is a certain monetary amount set in advance. This gift combines homemade and store bought and would be appreciated by most people.

First you buy a DVD. Depending on your budget it can be anything from a cheapie Walmart bargain bin movie to a deluxe box set of blu ray discs. I swiped a DVD from Santa's closet of stocking stuffers for the girls for this picture.

Then fill a small jar with bulk popcorn kernals. I used a small 2 cup mason jar, which makes about 4 giant bowls of popcorn.

Next make a jar of popcorn seasoning mix. Right now I have recipes for BBQ, ranch and dill pickle, although I'm working on more.

You can put everything in a basket, but I prefer just using a small gift bag since we already have them and I'm sure you do too. Somehow despite the fact we've never purchased a single one in our lives there are about 500 of them stashed down in our basement from previous holidays.

You can make any type of tags or labels you want. I've seen people make them using photo shopped pictures of their children's faces for gifts for grandparents, but I pretty much stick with a marker, paper and ribbons. Write anything you want about the contents, the gift is pretty much self explanatory though.

If you want to get fancy you can add extras like candy, drinks, ect, it all depends on how big the gift needs to be.

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