Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mix It Update: Housekeeping

My dream kitchen is finished (well except for the flooring and the backsplash, which we are waiting until the new year to put in). We even put an extra row of cupboards and counter on the empty wall that separates our kitchen and dining room and I have declared them off limits to anyone and anything but my mix ingredients and food preparation.

Here is my new kitchen:

Here is one of my two mix ingredient cupboards:

The bottom shelves are reserved for bins of things I need in large amounts (flour, sugar, oats, rice...), as well as baking mixes such as waffle mix. The middle shelf has my spice jars and bags of extra spice. The top shelf is random dry ingredients in medium amounts stored in empty peanut butter jars- popcorn, bread crumbs, salt, corn starch, lentils, ect and smaller mixes ect. The cupboard next to it looks pretty similar.

This blog is coming up on its two year anniversary, and with many new readers and many old recipes it's getting harder for people to find what they want. People are always asking me 'do you have a recipe for...' and since I roughly remember which time of year I made each one I can dig the link up for them. I'm thinking that it might be easier for everyone if I organized old recipes in a better way. I'm thinking of creating tags for different types of recipes- chicken, ground beef, side dish, baking mix, Chinese or Mexican dish, dessert, condiments, ect. Let me know if there are any tags you would like to see.

I've been working on a few new recipes, but I thought today you would prefer to see pictures of my shiny new kitchen instead (and what the inside of a mix it up cupboard looks like). I'll be back later this week with another great mix.

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